Long Islanders: Making Long Island A Great Place To Live

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For those people that live on Long Island, they know what a beautiful and lively place it is to live. Beaches, nightlife, a variety of restaurants, and tons of other things to do, Long Island prides itself on its attractive suburban developments. Despite all it has to offer however, nothing is ever perfect. On Long Island real estate can be very expensive, air quality is somewhat poor, and transportation can be tricky. So how can Long Island be made into a better place to live?

Luckily we have Build a Better Burb, whose main mission is to make Long Island a better place to live through creating a better suburban development. Some of their goals include improving the economy, affordable places to live, and an improved transportation system. A growing economy that natures innovation is something that Long Island could absolutely use and something Build a Better Burb is striving for. In order to do this, Build a Better Burb is looking at projects in other metropolitan areas used to help better their economies, as a model.

Build a Better Burb is also keeping Long Islanders in the know. By comparing data for Long Island to data from similar regions, allows Long Islanders to compare Long Island to others and asses the competitive position. Knowing where Long Island stands, helps people understand how Long Island can be doing better. Keeping Long Islanders updated on such information is important. After all they are the people who live there and ultimately decide on the success of the area.

Another reason Build a Better Burb lets Long Islanders in on such information, is to inspire. Build a Better Burb hopes that the information provided to them will inspire them to work together at making Long Island a better place. If people of Long Island can collaborate in bettering these issues, the issues can be more effectively addressed. Long Island needs to work together to make the place that they live a more enjoyable suburban development to live in.

Letting Long Islanders know how Build a Better Burb is striving for change, and knowing what needs to be done, is the fastest and easiest way to secure improvements on Long Island. Having Long Islanders on board is extremely important in the level of success Build a Better Burb sees in their suburban development.

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Flipping Properties and Partying with New People

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I was invited to a party the other night but the problem was I didn’t know the party hosts, and to be honest, I did not feel like attending the party one bit.

The fact of the matter is that I have been asked to go to gatherings just like this in the past where I do not know anyone, but at my girl friend’s insistence, of course I end up in attendance.

Why didn’t I want to go?

I had created a completely PERCEIVED feeling of fear of goingwhich, thankfully, was not at all based on reality.

I had pictured myself alone and awkward at the party, standing there in the corner of the room, earnestly trying to find something to talk about with someone – and no matter how hard I tried, I always struggled to make a good connection with someone. There was no common ground, the conversations always seemed so awkward, add in some super loud music and I always managed to have a downright miserable time.

That is pretty much how I always used to picture myself at a party.

Have you ever had a party experience similar to mine?

To be specific, these types of events are the ones you go to where you think to yourself you’d actually rather be at the dentist than suffering through this utter social torture.

What if I had instead expected a much better and more enjoyable outcome?

So instead of being all by myself in the corner of the roomimagine if I had pictured being engaged in a great experience, surrounded by awesome and interesting people that were truly interested in what I had to say and contribute, taking part in great conversation, while enjoyable music played in the background, very relaxed and at ease, enjoying myself and my new found friends?

Now say I had pictured in my mind the above scenario, do you think I may have had an easier time attending the party, and possibly even wanted to attend the gathering?

The Mindset that You Need to Develop to Successfully Flip Homes

Envision for just a moment, that you are able to change this type of perception not just when faced with a party choicebut when you are about to make your first house flipping deal?

Lets say that you have worked your buns off for three years in an effort to start your house flipping career and finally, after years, you have found the perfect home for purchase. All signs are saying move forward, they’re all telling you to go for it. You’ve finally found a fair price, the financing is all lined up, you are sure of your expenses and know with 99% accuracy what you can get for resale.

Yet despite all this, you picture all going south, with the house sitting on the market for months and years, as you watch your margins dwindle-month by month

How successful can you possible be with this extremely pessimistic attitude?

You really don’t stand a chance at all.

Be positive and picture the house selling for more than you expected, in less than two weeks, leaving you and your financial backers plenty of money to go around.

This is the mindset you must adopt. We like to call it the House Flipping Mindset.

What this is not is just a wild assumption that all will go perfect simply because you think it will…that is not it at all. You really need an awesome strategy and gameplan of steps that minimizes that odds of a poor deal – so that you can position yourself in a position to perceive value and awesome experiences instead of thinking of the pain.

And most importantly to acquire the house flipping mindset, once you have done all that you need to then imagine success in your thoughts as to all you have to GAIN by doing the deal.

This is the house flipping mindset and the first critical step to house flipping success.

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