Bad Credit Mortgages

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Do you have bad credit and need a mortgage?  Advantage is a company that can help you get that mortgage that you need even if you have bad credit.  Advantage Home Rates specializes in all different types of loans and is sure to have a loan that will fit your needs.

Here is a list of loans they have to offer Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) , Bailout/Foreclosure Mortgages, Construction Mortgages, FHA/VA Mortgages: the federal government administers FHA/VA mortgages, Fixed Rate Mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, Jumbo Mortgages, Low Down Payment Loans, No Doc Loans, Rehab Mortgages, Refinance/Equity Loans & Self-Employment Mortgages.

You can check out their website at

Home Inspection Basics

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Before purchasing a new Boise home it is always a great idea to have the home inspected by a professional. Remember, no home is perfect and each one will have its own set of problems, some more serious than others. The goal here is to know
what those problems are so they can be addressed before closing the deal. Below are some key areas to pay special attention too:

  1. Electrical – make sure all the outlets are working properly.
  2. Fireplace – if the home has a fireplace check to see if the chimney and flue are clean, safe, and working.
  3. Foundation – cracks in the foundation may indicate a foundation shift or leakage into the crawlspace or basement.
  4. Furnace – check the age of the furnace, is it operating correctly and clean?
  5. Roof – look for signs of water damage and check the attic for light coming through. Find out the age of the roof and make sure that there doesn’t need to be any repairs.
  6. Plumbing – check to make sure all faucets and drains are working properly and sealed tightly. How is the water pressure?

Burden of homeownership spread unequally

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Heather L. Noble stands in front of her home in Garden City, Mich., Wednesday, Nov. 12. Starting last spring, Noble spent hour after hour on the phone talking to what she describes as "every human being and division possible" at JPMorgan Chase & Co., before obtaining approval for a loan modification. When it comes to homeownership, Hispanics in New Jersey, single parents in California and senior citizens in Rhode Island all have something in common: More than a third have an unaffordable mortgage.

Rent to Own

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It seems that you don’t hear the phrase rent to own much any more. But the fact of the matter is renting a home before you buy it can have its advantages. Depending on your financial situation if you rent to own or lease to own you have the opportunity to evaluate the property and determine if you want to take on home ownership. If you are in a situation where you have bad credit and getting favorable terms for a home loan are next to impossible rent to own offers time to fix your credit while you live in the home with the option to buy at a future date.

Renting to own a home can have many benefits for both the owner and potential buyer. In fact there are some times when it is better to rent than to own at a given time especially when the real estate market is in a bubble and home values are exagerated.

Learn more about Rent to Own Options.

Mortgage rates tumble to record low

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Rates on 30-year mortgages fell to a record low for the third straight week and borrowers took advantage of the drop, sending new applications soaring.

Bad Credit Mortgages

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