When foreclosure limbo becomes a lifestyle

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Darrell West comforts his girlfriend, Vickie Lewis, one of millions of Americans currently living in the legal limbo of foreclosure proceedings.Vickie Lewis of Jacksonville, Fla., has been living in foreclosure limbo for more than four years. But she does not fit any stereotypes of today’s troubled borrowers. Msnbc.com’s Mike Stuckey reports.

30-year mortgage lowest in 37 years of Freddie Mac survey (at MarketWatch)

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The benchmark 30-year fixed-rate mortgage tumbles to a national average 5.17% this week, the lowest level since Freddie Mac began its weekly rate survey in 1971.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Do You Need a Real Estate Attorney?

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Every now and again homeowners are faced with a challenging decision and end up requiring the services of a real estate attorney. If you are uncertain if you need to utilize their services consider the following:

  1. Real estate attorneys help with property disputes.
  2. Real estate attorneys help with settling divorce settlements.
  3. In some cases where there is a death in the family and property needs to be sold.

Of course there are other areas a good real estate attorney would come in handy but the above are the most common.

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Considerations When Buying a Home

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Before setting out to buy a home there are several things to consider. Buying a home is a big move and a huge responsibility. You don’t want to get into a home only to find out that it lacks much of what you need and desire. When buying a new home you should take into account the following:

  1. Does it have the right floor plan to meet your needs? Occasionally you find homes that are great but they lack the functionality you are looking for. Either your furniture won’t fit or you are stuck with having an awkward arrangement. Pay special attention to this in the bedrooms and living room.
  2. Is the home the right size for your needs? Do you plan on having children? Do you have enough home to grow into or is it more home than you need?
  3. Consider if you need special amenities such as swimming pool or hot tub. Also consider the costs associated with maintaining such things.
  4. Location is very important. Often times families buy a home just so their kids can go to a specific school. Save money on gas by living close to work if possible.
  5. Can you afford the home? This is probably the most important point. Make sure you have a firm understanding of what it will cost to maintain your new home and pay the mortgage.

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Understanding Real Estate Forms

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As you may already know, buying a home involves a lot more paperwork than furniture or even an automobile. Whether you are buying or selling a house, you should always have each step of the process documented. If any revisions are made, they should be recorded as well. Although buyers and sellers can prepare the documentation themselves, most choose not to due to the number of revisions that a single document can have. To help prevent consumers from these types of headaches, ready made real estate forms are used.

With ready made real estate forms, the process of real estate transactions are easier than ever before. By using these forms, you can do everything yourself – without having to forego realtors. That is, if you understand the home selling process. You’ll save a lot of money as well, simply because there is no realtor involved. The next time you are buying, selling, or leasing out your property, you should look into ready made real estate forms and see just how easy they make real estate transactions.

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