Determine the Listing Price

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When selling your home it is important to remember that the listing price may be different than the selling price. There are many good tools to use in order to determine a good listing price for your home. One of which is a comparative market analysis. These are fairly easy to obtain by using asking a real estate agent to gather the necessary information for you. This is also a good method to screen agents and choose the one that does the best job.

The listing price is a good starting point and from there it gives buyers an idea of what your home is worth. Ultimately your home may or may not sell for what you initially asked for but if priced right the selling price should be close. When selling your home it is the buyer who ultimately sets the selling price.

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Charles Richey Fundraiser

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It was brought to my attention from Max over at that a friend and fellow real estate agent, Charles Richey, has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Charles Richey is the Webmaster for his wife Jacqui’s Las Vegas real estate web site as well as a contributor to many online real estate blogs and forums. Charles is currently in the ICU at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

I thought I’d do what I can to help pass the word. Please read more over at Max’s forum and you can donate below. I am also going to donate 100% of my earnings from one of my newer directories. If you would like to get a link over at sign up and for the rest of the month and all of July I will donate all my earnings to Charles and his family.

Donate to the Charles Richey Fund

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About Real Estate Agents

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Unless a home seller is selling their home themselves they are being represented by a real estate agent. It is important to remember, as a buyer, that the agent’s role is to look after the seller’s interests. As a buyer you may be lead to believe that you are getting the full story or all the information available and there are times you may disclose information to a real estate agent during an open house, that they are required to pass to the seller, that may prevent you from getting the best deal possible.

Understand that unless the buyer is being represented by a real estate agent they need to watch what they say and not let on that they are willing to pay more or less for the property. Buyers should seriously consider obtaining representation themselves. Doing so can help obtain the best deal possible, the listing agents isn’t going to do that.

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Tips on Selling a New Home

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Selling a newer home is going to have its challenges just like any real estate transaction. Older homes typically require some degree of repair and TLC. However, when it comes to a newer home it is likely to be in good condition and not need much work done.

When preparing your home for sale you will still want to take the time to clean the inside thoroughly while removing clutter and anything that makes the home look crowded. Spend time in the yard mowing and trimming, your property should be well maintained and present a positive environment to potential home buyers.

If your home is new and you are selling there is a good chance this came about due to unseen circumstances. If this is the case then it is critical to know how to price your home by determining the bottom line when setting the selling price. Take into account; mortgage payoff, unpaid taxes, realtor commission, closing costs, and any other fee associated with the sale. Unfortunately with newer homes and depending how much you originally put down you may have a tight profit margin.

Plan the best you can to ensure your home sells for the best possible price by taking the time to do your homework and preparing your home for sale.

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In My Opinion

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real estate news articles

Here it is… the new addition to that will take her to the next level in my efforts to provide visitors with quality and insightful information. In My Opinion is a new section that has professionalism written all over it with a touch of journalism. Visit for a different take on the real estate market. In My Opinion…

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