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Homeownership: The American Dream

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Professional Real Estate Agents and Transactions

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Featured Memphis Tennessee Real Estate Agent     

  The normal home-buying real estate transaction is an involved process. When handled by professionals, it should run smoothly for both the buying and selling clients. Professionals is plural since proficiency is needed by not just the real estate agent, but also by every party involved. This will include a mortgage loan originator, title office and closing attorney, home inspection service, and even the insurance agency. Anyone and everyone in those offices should be held to the highest standards in their job performance.

This brings us to the importance of finding a quality realtor for guidance in the process. To reach this level of achievement, the standard of excellence in performance is determined by the work ehtics of all the parties involved in each transaction. To be successful then, a realtor must be able to efficiently handle many facets of a transaction. A realtors proficiency, as seen by their client, can be determined by the results of all of the other offices involved.

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Bad Credit and Loan Solutions

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 A company that provides approval for the lowest rates and most affordable credit restoration programs seeks to extend its services to consumers all over America. At one time they were offering interest rates at 1.25%. That’s unheard of in today’s rising interest rates.  Although they may not offer an interest rate this low now, they will be able to offer rates lower than the average.  They also provide daily updates on the latest news going on in the real estate industry. Customized loan programs for mortgages and credit are provided specifically for your real estate needs.

Free Mortgage Reduction Service

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Would you rather pay for 30 years, or own your home in 21.7 years, eliminating 99 payments and saving $51,878.. 79? You can give the $51,878.79 to the bank if you wish, but I suspect you would prefer to keep it for yourself.  There’s a free computer download that offers a 100% free mortgage reduction service. It allows you to save thousands of dollars on your mortgage without refinancing, shorten your mortgage by years depending on the term, turn your mortgage payments into an investment program, build your principal equity up to 300% faster, and automatically audits your mortgage while finding lender mistakes.  This is done with no refinancing, no changing lenders, no credit reports, and no closing costs. The service is free and nothing for you to buy ever. The downloaded information will analyze your mortgage, and show you exactly how much you will save and profit with this program.

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