New Home Builder Incentives

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I’ve seen Builder Incentives before but nothing like this. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay) and the new home market is booming like crazy. Discovery Homes and Seeno Homes are just two of the home builders in the bay area that are offering huge incentives. Part of this they also are doing a lease back program where they will pay your mortgage payment on your existing home for up to two years. Continue reading New Home Builder Incentives…

Top 10 scams of 2006

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I seen this on the internet and thought I’d share what I found. These are the top 10 scams of 2006 reported by Consumer Affairs.

#1 Fake Lottery Scam

This scam was reported # 1 in 2006 and is when you are contacted and told that you won the Canadian or European lottery. You are told that it is a large sum of money and in order to claim your prize you need to first pay either taxes or insurance before you can claim your prize.

You may think that there is no way people fall for this especially if they didn’t play the Canadian or European lottery. That’s not the case in one instance a man lost $300,000. Continue reading Top 10 scams of 2006…

HouseValues and HomeGain offer listing service

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I just wrote about Zillow’s free listing service. HouseValues and HomeGain is offering a similar service as well. These two competitors announced this the same day as Zillow. With HomeGain it’s free but only for all members of their AgentEvaluator(TM) product. With HomeGain it’s free for the agents that have an account with them as well. So is this just like Zillow?   HomeGain Continue reading HouseValues and HomeGain offer listing service…

Zillow launches Homes for Sale

December 7, 2006 on 11:50 am | In Uncategorized | Comments Off has just launched a section on their site for homes for sale. This is not only for agents but for homeowners as well. You can list your homes for sale and add photos, home features, your upcoming open house dates and information about the neighborhood. You can also put up your photo, a link to your website and your contact


Continue reading Zillow launches Homes for Sale…

Fresh Content is Key

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How important is adding fresh content too your site? This question is asked all to often. Content is a very important factor in helping your site rank well with the search engines. This is because when a search engine spiders your site it checks to see if your site is indexed yet, if it is it compares the information on the page to see if it has changed in any way. If it hasn’t it schedule to come back and visit later, and probably a little longer than last time. If you have fresh content on your site it will schedule to come back and visit sooner. Google

Continue reading Fresh Content is Key…

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