Links, How important are they?

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   Well I’ve touched on this topic already on another blog, but since I started my own I thought LinkingI’d touch on it some more. Linking… How important is going out and getting those links back to your site? Backlinks is a very important part of helping your site rank well with the search engines. It’s not just the amount of backlinks that you have, but also the quality of the backlinks. What I mean by this is some people think if they just go out and sign up for 10000 links some where that will help them. Maybe in the older days that is true, but this will actually hurt you not help you.You will see some sites rank better than yours and check their backlinks and see that they only have that’s say 100 and you have 1000. This is because the 100 that they have are from relevant sites and also from industry authority sites. Always try to use your keywords in your link title like this:

Real Estate Agents Directory

not like this :

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Real Estate Agents & Blogging

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I think Blogging is an important thing for agents to do. Blogging is a great way for you to get information out to your clients and future clients. You can share information about the cities you work in on a daily basis.

By doing this you are not only getting information out to your clients you are adding content to your site on a daily basis. Fresh content to your site will help your search engine rankings. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN like to see fresh content added to your site. The more often content is added to your site the more often the search engines will spider your site and index your pages.

I was unable to make it to PubCon in Vegas this year, but have heard from people that went including one of our members in our forum Ken Smith that this was a topic that was brought up a lot. Blogging will help add the fresh content and make your site more of an authority site Continue reading Real Estate Agents & Blogging…

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

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ThanksgivingJust wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving !!! Enjoy the day with Family and friends. Today I am thankful for my family, my wife and two kids. Enjoy your day eat a lot of food and watch Football ;)

Welcome to our new Blog !!!

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 Real Estate Directory

Welcome to the US Real Estate Directory Blog. I’ve decide to go ahead and start my own blog. This is all really new to me so bare with me. Hopefully I will pick up on the writing end of it. I’ve started this blog to share some ideas here and there. Feel free to comment and thanks for visiting !!!

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